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User Fees

All users shall pay user fees. Minor consultation on experimental techniques or simple instruction on the use of equipment as well as materials consumed during the normal operation of CMRIF instrumentation are normally included in user fees and not billed separately. In a limited number of cases, users are charged and billed at cost for supplies.

On request, estimates can be made by the Technical Director for a finite project based on prior experience with the understanding that the quotation is subject to inaccuracy. The facility will not be held responsible for any unforeseen circumstances that do not permit the work to be completed within the estimated cost or time schedule. All work is subject to equipment availability.

MRI Rates (per hour unless noted)

Funding Sources Human Animal* Plant/Other*
Cornell-SUNY $549 $238 $238
External Federal $845 $366 $366
External Non-Federal $988 $509 $509
Pregnancy Test (per test) $15
  *Without Tech support

The scanner rate is charged in 30-minute increments, based on scheduled hours, including the time occupying the scanner control room.

Scanner time for unfunded pilot or exploratory studies may be available on a limited basis at a reduced rate with the understanding that the investigators will actively seek funding.

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