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Commercial Use

Use of the facilities in commercial or for-profit activities is permitted under certain circumstances. Cornell policy recognizes and encourages cooperation between universities, scientific community, and local community sectors. This cooperation in advanced study and research will promote a more rapid dissemination of knowledge and will contribute to economic development. The CMRIF encourages its research groups and Facilities to forge interdisciplinary partnerships between the CMRIF, industry and government.

Facilities must conform to the requirements stated in the relevant policies of Cornell University: 1) Commercial use of the facility must not interfere with the research mission of the CMRIF; 2) Appropriate fees must be charged to recover full costs; 3) Fees for services to commercial businesses must not be less than fees charged for equivalent services from viable commercial vendors or facilities; and 4) Excess capacity must be available to handle the industrial usage.

Certain limited exceptions to this policy based upon the Technical Director recommendation to the Director of the Facilities in advance of the proposed activity.

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