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The Cornell MRI Facility is located at G301 Martha Van Rensselaer (MVR) Hall on the ground (G) level toward the southeast corner of the MVR Hall.

From Warren Hall or Ag Quad toward the southeast side of MVR Hall:

  • Go down the outdoor staircase from the service road by the east side of MVR Hall.
  • Enter through the exterior door leading into the facility if you have card-key access. Otherwise, turn right and immediately left around the corner.
  • Enter the side door and then the door on the right that leads to the interior glass door on the left to the facility.

From the main entrance to MVR Hall on Reservoir Avenue:

  • Enter the building from the center entrance toward the south side of MVR Hall on the first level.
  • Turn right into the first hallway.
  • Continue down the hallway and take the staircase or elevator on the left to the G level, one floor below the first level.
  • Turn left out of the staircase or elevator, and turn right into the next hallway.
  • The hallway turns left and ends at the glass door leading into the facility.

CMRIF interior glass entrance door (G3o1 MVR)

CMRIF exterior entrance door

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